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The applications of sewage suction truck

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The applications of sewage suction truck
The applications of sewage suction truck

The applications of sewage suction truck



Sewage suction truck is kind of new type sanitary trucks for collecting, transferring, clearing, slurry, waste water, etc . Avoiding the second time pollutions. Sewage suction truck could self-sucking, self-discharging, high working speed, large capacity, easy transportation, suitable for collecting and transporting liquid, such as feces, slurry, crude oil, etc. The vacuum truck adopts the well-known, leading vacuum sewage suction pump, big sucking strength, far absorption process, etc, especially for sucking, transporting, discharging accretion deposits of sewer, especially the slurry, sludge, stone, brick, etc.

The basic information of vacuum sewage sucking truck is following:

According to the brand: Dongfeng Sewage sucking truck, FAW sewage suction truck, FOTON sewage sucking truck, SINO TRUK sewage suction truck, SHACMAN sewage suction truck, JMC sewage truck, etc.

According to the appearance: single bridge sewage sucking truck, double bridge vacuum sewage truck, flat head hydraulic sewage truck, long head sewage sucking truck,

Dongfeng sewage suction truck: Xiaobawang sewage suction truck, Duolika sewage sucking truck, 140 sewage suction truck, 145 sewage suction truck, 153 sewage suction truck, 1208 sewage suction truck, etc.

The special part of sewage suction truck are PTO, transmission axles, vacuum sewage pump, pressure vessel, hydraulic part, pipeline network, vacuum manometer, feces view window, washing devices, etc. The sewage suction truck is equipped with high-power vacuum sewage truck and good quality hydraulic system. The tanker seal head is once casting molding, the rear part of the tanker could open, double lifting self-discharging. The slurry of tanker could directly dump from the rear door, high vacuum degree(higher absorption than fecal suction truck), large tonnage, great efficiency,multi uses, etc.

The main components of sewage suction truck: oil water separator, water separator, special vacuum sewage sucking pump, vacuum manometer, pipeline network system, absorption pipes, gravity valve, vacuum tanker, connected device(view feces window),full-automatic anti-overflow valve, hydraulic kits, etc.

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The applications of sewage suction truck

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