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dongfeng water truck applications

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dongfeng water truck applications
dongfeng water truck applications

What’s Dongfeng water truck application?


  1. when using dongfeng water truck sucking water from river, pool, etc. pay attention to make the whole absorption tube opening into water. Avoiding sucking stone or much mud, etc. usually the tube opening has filter device, remove the filter device when sucking water. If the there is small water, we need to dig the sucking place much to make sure without junk and air. The water pump of different Dongfeng water trucks requires different water source, such as clarified water pump asks the water source without any junk, and turbid water pump asks for the water without stone and much silt.

dongfeng water truck applications

  1. When using Centrifugal pump, we must draw somw water to the pump, after that must switch the filter cap. When using self-priming pump, first add some water, then no need to draw water again.


  1. When sucking water, we must keep the intake pipe system vacuity, then the water could be sucked into water box. Intake pipe system must be sealed solidly. The hose cannot be damaged, and the tube cannot be flaw, otherwise it would be leak air, then cannot suck into water.

dongfeng water truck applications

  1. We must stop the PTO device when stop thedongfeng water truck not only before sucking but also after sucking.


  1. When winter coming, we must drain the water of pump and water pipe, avoiding bursting.


  1. Dongfeng water truck’s front spray head place is lower, near the ground, the spraying pressure is bigger, so it can be used to wash the ground. And the rear spray head is higher( dongfeng water truck rear spray head usually has two for left and right side), the spraying area is wider, so it could be used road construction sprinkling. When using the rear sprayer, we should shut the front sprayer. When using the adjustable sprayer sprinkling, the sprinkling area could be adjustable upon request. The sprinkling area is wider, the middle overlap is smaller, the sprinkling density is much more even.


  1. When using, we must usually lubricated every drive assembly lubricated part, and tighten every joint.


  1. The water tank of Dongfeng water truck has blow-off pipe, the pie intake opening is the water tank lowest point. After using some time, we must usually open the blow-off pipe power switch, drain the junks until the water clear.

dongfeng water truck applications

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